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American Ragtime


Ragtime is the genuine American musical genre. Ragtime has been around for a long time, almost always popular. Ragtime is still here today with many compositions added in this genre. Ragtime compositions usually have a few  distinct themes. The most known ragtime composer is Scott Joplin. Other famous names among ragtime composers are Joseph Lamb, James Scott, Artie Matthews, May Aufderheide, Charles L. Johnson, Luckey Roberts, Paul Sarebresole, Eubie Blake, George Botsford, Zez Confrey, Ben Harney Wilber Sweatman, Tom Turpin. The best known contemporary ragtime composers are Frank French, Trebor Tichenor, William Bolcom, David Thomas Roberts, Mark Birnbaum, Reginald R. Robinson.



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Sheet music downloads - American Ragtime

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American Ragtime




Adler: Dat Lovin’ Rag (Two Step)
Anderson: Keystone Rag
Aufderheide: Dusty (Rag)
Aufderheide: The Thriller (Rag)
Babcock: Worlds Fair Rag
Bargy: Blue Streak (Rag Fox Trot)
Bargy: Rufenreddy
Barnard: A Cyclone In Darktown (Rags)
Blake: Fizz Water (Trot and One Step)
Blake: The Chevy Chase (Fox Trot)
Bolen: Smoky Topaz (March and Two Step)
Botsford: Chatterbox Rag
Botsford: The Grizzly Bear (Rag)
Bowman: 12th Street Rag
Brown: Policy King (Two Step)
Burgess: Rag Alley Dream
Cobb: Rabbit’s Foot (Fox Trot)
Cobb: Russian Rag (on Rachmaninov’s Prelude)
Cobb: The Mazie King Midnight Trot
Confrey: Coaxing the Piano
Confrey: Greenwich Witch
Confrey: Kitten on the Keys
Confrey: My Pet
Confrey: Poor Buttermilk
Confrey: You Tell ’Em Ivories
Cook: Cruel Papa! (Fox Trot)
Cook: Slivers (Eccentric Rag)
Cook: The Shovel Fish (Rag)
Cozad: Eatin’-Time Rag
Crabb: Fluffy-Ruffles (Two Step)
Dabney: Oh! You Devil (Rag)
Dobyns: Possum Rag
Europe: The Castle (Doggy Fox Trot)
Florence (Bennet): Sweet Pickles (Characteristic Two Step)
Franklin: Blackville Society (Cakewalk Two Step)
Giblin: Chicken Chowder (Characteristic Two Step)
Gibson: Jinx Rag (Arr. by A. Matthews)
Giles: Red Peppers (Two Step)
Glogau: The Aeroplane (Ragtime Two Step)
Guy: ’Cleanin’ Up’ in Georgia (Cakewalk Patrol or Two Step)
Hahn: The Amazon Rag
Henrich: Queen Raglan (Cakewalk and Two Step)
Hoffman: A Dingy Slow Down
Hoffman: I’m Alabama Bound (Ragtime Two Step)
Hoffman: Rag Medley
Hoffman: Ragtown Rag
Humfeld: Who Let The Cows Out? (A Bully Rag)
Hunter: Just Ask Me (A Ragtime Two Step)
Hunter: Why We Smile
Ingraham: Poison Ivy (Rag)
Janza: Lion Tamer (A Syncopated Fantasia)
Jentes: Bantam Step (Fox Trot or One Step)
Johnson: Dill Pickles (Rag and Two Step)
Johnson: Doc Brown’s Cakewalk (The Original Kansas City Rag)
Joplin: A Breeze From Alabama (March & Two Step)
Joplin: Antoinette (March and Two Step)
Joplin: Augustan Club Waltz
Joplin: Bethena (A Concert Waltz)
Joplin: Bink’s Waltz
Joplin: Cleopha (March and Two Step)
Joplin: Combination March
Joplin: Country Club (Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: Elite Syncopations
Joplin: Eugenia
Joplin: Euphonic Sounds (A Syncopated Two Step)
Joplin: Fig Leaf Rag (A High Class Rag)
Joplin: Gladiolus Rag
Joplin: Great Crush Collision (March)
Joplin: Harmony Club Waltz
Joplin: Leola (Two Step)
Joplin: Magnetic Rag
Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag
Joplin: March Majestic (March and Two Step)
Joplin: Original Rags
Joplin: Palm Leaf Rag
Joplin: Paragon Rag
Joplin: Peacherine Rag
Joplin: Pineapple Rag
Joplin: Pleasant Moments (Ragtime Waltz)
Joplin: Reflection Rag (Syncopated Musings)
Joplin: Rose Leaf Rag (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: Rose Leaf Rag (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: Rosebud (Two Step)
Joplin: Scott Joplin’s New Rag
Joplin: Searchlight Rag
Joplin: Solace (A Mexican Serenade)
Joplin: Stoptime Rag
Joplin: Sugar Cane (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: Sun Flower Slow Drag (Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: The Cascades (A Rag)
Joplin: The Chrysanthemum (An Afro-American Intermezzo)
Joplin: The Easy Winners (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: The Entertainer (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: The Favorite (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: The Nonpareil (A Rag and Two Step)
Joplin: The Ragtime Dance (A Stop-Time Two Step)
Joplin: The Strenuous Life (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin: The Sycamore (A Concert Rag)
Joplin: Wall Street Rag
Joplin: Weeping Willow (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin and Chauvin: Heliotrope Bouquet (A Slow Drag Two Step)
Joplin and Hayden: Felicity Rag (Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin and Hayden: Kismet Rag
Joplin and Hayden: Something Doing (A Ragtime Two Step)
Joplin and Marshall: Lily Queen (A Rag and Two Step)
Joplin and Marshall: Swipesy (Cake Walk)
Jordan: Nappy Lee (A Slow Drag)
Jordan: That Teasin’ Rag (Rag and Two Step)
Kaufman: Muslin Rag (One Step)
Klickmann: Knockout Drops (Rag)
Krell: Shake Yo’ Dusters (Piccaninny Rag, Two Step)
La Rocca: Tiger Rag (One Step)
Lamb: American Beauty Rag
Lamb: Bohemia (A Rag)
Lamb: Champagne Rag
Lamb: Ethiopia Rag
Lamb: Excelsior (A Rag)
Lamb: Nightingale Rag
Lamb: Patricia Rag
Lamb: Reindeer (Ragtime Two Step)
Lamb: Sensation (A Rag), Arr.by S. Joplin
Lampe: Creole Belles (Ragtime March)
Lampe: Dixie Girl (Characteristic March and Two Step)
Lenzberg: Haunting Rag
Lenzberg: Hungarian Rag
Lenzberg: Operatic Rag
Lenzberg: That Madrid Rag
Lodge: Temptation Rag
Lyons and Yosco: Spaghetti Rag
MacEachron: On Easy Street (Ragtime Two Step)
Maggio: I Got The Blues (Characteristic Ragtime Two Step)
Marshall: Ham and Eggs (A Ragtime Two Step)
Marshall: Kinklets (Two Step)
Marshall: The Peach (A Ragtime Two Step)
Marshall: The Pippin (A Sentimental Rag)
Matthews: Pastime Rag No. 1 (A Slow Drag)
Matthews: Pastime Rag No. 2 (A Slow Drag)
Matthews: Pastime Rag No. 3 (A Slow Drag)
Matthews: Pastime Rag No. 4 (A Slow Drag)
Matthews: Pastime Rag No. 5 (A Slow Drag)
McFadden: Rags to Burn
Mills: At A Georgia Campmeeting (Two Step, March or Polka)
Mills: Ragtime Dance (Two Step or March)
Mills: Rastus on Parade (Characteristic Two Step March)
Mills: Whistling Rufus (Characteristic Two Step, March or Polka)
Morrison: Sour Grapes (Rag)
Morrison: Trouble (Rag)
Niebergall: Horseshoe Rag
Northup: Cannon Ball (Characteristic Two Step)
O’Hare: Levee Revels (An Afro-American Cane Hop)
Powell: Funny Folks (Ragtime March and Two Step)
Pratt: Colonial Glide
Puck: The Foot-Warmer (One Step or Two Step)
Roberts, ’Luckey’: Palm Beach (Fox Trot)
Roberts, ’Luckey’: Pork and Beans (One Step or Two Step Trot)
Roberts, ’Luckey’: Shy and Sly (Fox Trot)
Roberts, ’Luckey’: The Junk Man Rag
Roberts, Jay: The Entertainer’s Rag
Roberts, Robert: The Pride Of Bucktown (Ragtime March)
Roberts, S.M.: Walkin’ On De Rainbow Road (March, Cakewalk, Two Step)
Robinson: Sapho Rag
Rudisill: The Eight O’Clock Rush (Rag)
Russell: Too Much Raspberry (Fox Trot)
Scheu: Sleepy Sidney (Ragtime Two Step)
Schwartz: Dusky Dudes (Cakewalk)
Schwartz: The Whitewash Man (March and Two Step)
Scott: A Summer Breeze (March and Two Step)
Scott: Broadway Rag
Scott: Dixie Dimples (Novelty Rag or Foxtrot)
Scott: Don’t Jazz Me, Rag (I’m Music)
Scott: Efficiency Rag
Scott: Evergreen Rag
Scott: Frog Legs Rag
Scott: Grace And Beauty (A Classy Rag)
Scott: Great Scott Rag
Scott: Hilarity Rag
Scott: Kansas City Rag
Scott: Modesty Rag (A Classic)
Scott: New Era Rag (Dance)
Scott: On The Pike (March and Two Step)
Scott: Ophelia Rag
Scott: Paramount Rag
Scott: Peace And Plenty (Rag )
Scott: Princess Rag
Scott: Rag Sentimental
Scott: Ragtime Betty
Scott: Ragtime Oriole
Scott: Sunburst Rag
Scott: The Fascinator (March and Two Step)
Scott: The Pegasus
Scott: Troubadour Rag
Scott: Victory Rag
Severin: Jungle Time (A Genuine Rag)
Seymour: Holy Moses (Rag)
Seymour: Panama Rag
Silberberg: Lumb’rin’ Luke (Cakewalk and Two Step)
Silverman and Ward: That Hand Played Rag
Simon: Sponge
Smith: Campin’ On De Ole Suwanee (March, Two Step, Polka or Cakewalk)
Smith: Wild Cherries (Rag)
Smith and Europe: Ballin’ the Jack
Stark: Billiken Rag
Stark: Gum Shoe Fox Trot
Stark: Trombone Johnsen (Ragtime Cakewalk)
Stone: Silks and Rags (Waltzes)
Thane: Calla Lily Rag
Thompson: The Lily Rag
Tierney: Bumble Bee Rag
Tilzer: The Cubanola Glide
Turpin: Bowery Buck (Ragtime Two Step), Arr. D. S. De Lisle
Turpin: Harlem Rag (Two Step), Arr. D. S. De Lisle
Turpin: Ragtime Nightmare (Arr. D. S. De Lisle)
Turpin: The Buffalo Rag
Turpin: The St. Louis Rag
Vodery: Carolina Fox Trot
Wenrich: Ashy Africa (An African Rag)
Wenrich: Dixie Blossom (March and Two Step)
Wenrich: Peaches and Cream (A Delectable Rag)
Wenrich: The Smiler
Wenrich: Whipped Cream (Rag)
White: The Original Chicago Blues
Woods: Slippery Elm Rag
Woolsey: Mashed Potatoes
Woolsey: Medic Rag (Ragtime Two Step)
Woolsey: Trouville Canter (Fox Trot)

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