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Vincenzo Bellini

1801 Ė 1835


Vincenzo Bellini short biography


One of the greatest Italian opera composers, Vincenzo Bellini had his first success in Milan at the age of 26. Belliniís first opera Il Pirata has instantly established his enormous career. For the most of his opera creations Bellini worked with the librettist Felice Romani and tenor G. B. Rubini. From 1827 to 1833 all Bellini's operas, including La Sonnambula and Norma, created him an international recognition. In 1833 four of Belliniís operas were staged in London with the unprecedented success. Similar success was repeated in Paris where Bellini was commissioned to write I puritani for the Théâtre-Italien. It was in Paris where Bellini met Rossini and Chopin. Bellini died in Paris at the age of 34, just reaching the highest point of his success.


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Sheet music download - Bellini - La Sonnambula - Opera -

 Act 1: 0. Introduction  (Orchestra)
 Act 1: 1. Viva, Amina!  (Chorus)
 Act 1: 2. Tutto e gioia, tutto e fiesta (Cavatina, Scene)  (Lisa, Chorus)
 Act 1: 3. In Elvetia non v’ha rosa  (Chorus)
 Act 1: 4a. Care compagne  (Amina, Chorus)
 Act 1: 4b. Come per me serena (Cavatina, Scene)  (Amina, Chorus)
 Act 1: 5a. Io piu di tutti, o Amina  (Alexis, Chorus)
 Act 1: 5b. Prendi: l’anel ti dono (Duet, Chorus)  (Elvino, Amina)
 Act 1: 6a. Domani, appena aggiorni  (Elvino, Chorus)
 Act 1: 6b. Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni (Cavatina, Scene)  (Count, Chorus)
 Act 1: 6c. Tu non sai  (Count, Lisa, Teresa, Elvino, Chorus)
 Act 1: 7a. Contezza della paese avete voi  (Elvino, Chorus)
 Act 1: 7b. A fosco cielo  (Chorus)
 Act 1: 8a. Basta cosi  (Count, Chorus)
 Act 1: 8b. Son geloso del zeffiro errante (Duet)  (Elvino, Amina)
 Act 1: 9a. Davver, non mi dispiace  (Count)
 Act 1: 9b. Che veggio  (Count, Amina)
 Act 1: 9c. Osservate  (Chorus)
 Act 1: 9d. D’un pensiero e d’un accento  (Amina, Elvino, Chorus)
 Act 2: 10. Qui la selva  (Chorus)
 Act 2: 11a. Reggimi, o buona madre  (Amina)
 Act 2: 11b. Tutto e sciolto (Aria, Scena)  (Elvino, Chorus)
 Act 2: 12a. Lasciami  (Lisa, Alexis, Chorus)
 Act 2: 12b. De’lieti auguri (Aria, Scene)  (Elvino, Chorus)
 Act 2: 13a. E fia pur vero, Elvino  (Lisa)
 Act 2: 13b. Lisa, mendace anch’essa? (Quartet)  (Elvino, Teresa, Lisa, Count, Chorus)
 Act 2: 14a. Signor! che creder deggio?  (Elvino, Chorus)
 Act 2: 14b. Ah! non credea mirarti (Aria, Scene)  (Amina, Chorus)
 Act 2: 14c. Ah! non giunge uman pensiero (Aria, Scene)  (Amina, Chorus)

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