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Franz Liszt

(1811 - 1886)


Franz Liszt short biography


Universally considered the greatest piano virtuoso of all time, Franz Liszt was born in Hungary. Liszt went to Vienna to become a piano student of Carl Czerny and composition student of Salieri. In 1823, Liszt settled in Paris and toured all over Europe with the unprecedented triumphs. In 1844, Liszt began composing, especially in the new form of the symphonic poem. Liszt was a formidable teacher; he had more than a 100 students, mostly in Weimar. In Hungary where he became a national hero, Liszt was teaching and supervised the development of the Budapest Conservatory. As a pianist, Liszt had no peer. As a composer he opened a path to a younger generation.


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Sheet music download - Liszt - Piano - Pieces

 4 Short Pieces  
 5 Hungarian Folksongs  
 8 Variations  
 Album Leaf in A flat Major  
 Album Leaf in E Major  
 Album Leaf in Waltz Form  
 Allegro di Bravura  
 Allegro di Bravura  
 Ave Maria  
 Ave Maria ’The Bells of Rome’  
 Berceuse (First Version)  
 Berceuse (Second Version)  
 Bravura Waltz  
 Bulow March  
 Caprice-Waltz No. 2 (Valse Melancholique)  
 Carousel de Madame Pelet-Narbonne  
 Christmas Song ’Christ Is Born’  
 Consolation in E Major  
 Csardas Macabre  
 Csardas Obstine  
 En Reve  
 Fantasy and Fugue on B-A-C-H  
 Faust-Symphony, Movement 2 ’Gretchen’ (Arr. F. Liszt)  
 Festvorspiel (Prelude)  
 Galop in A minor  
 Goethe Festival March  
 Grand Concert Solo  
 Grand Galop Chromatique  
 Grande Valse di Bravura ’Le Bal de Berne’  
 Gretchen from Faust Symphony  
 Im Traum - En Reve (Nocturne)  
 Impromptu (Nocturne)  
 In Festo Transfigurationis - Domini Nostri Jesu Christi  
 In Festo Transfigurations Donmini Nostri Jesu Christi  
 La Cloche Sonne (The Tolling Bell)  
 La Lugubre Gondola I  
 La Lugubre Gondola II  
 Landler in A flat Major  
 Liebestraum (Nocturne)  
 Madame Pelet-Narbonne’s Merry-Go-Round  
 Mazurka Brillante  
 Mephisto Polka  
 Nuages Gris  
 Piano Piece in A flat Major  
 Piano Piece in F sharp Major  
 Polonaise No. 1  
 Polonaise No. 2  
 Prelude Funebre  
 Rhapsodie Espagnol (Spanish Rhapsody)  
 Romantic Fantasy on 2 Swiss Melodies  
 Rondo di Bravura  
 Sancta Dorothea  
 Scherzo and March  
 Scherzo in G minor  
 Schlaflos! (Insomnia)  
 Theme from Love-Dreams  
 Themes from the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (simplified)  
 Tyrolean Melody  
 Un Portrait en Musique  
 Unstern: Sinistre, Disastro  
 Valse Melancolique  
 Variations on a Theme by Bach  
 Variations on a Theme by Bach (Trans. by A. Cortot)  
 Variations on a Waltz by A. Diabelli  
 Waltz in A Major  

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